Holiday in New York (3)

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New York City, also known as The Big Apple, is renowned for its diversity, skyscrapers, foods, and economic growth. To many, New York City is their only home because it provides them with everything necessary. In popular culture, the characters of Sex and the City live and breathe the air of New York City. They make this city into their own home. One idea of the show is that any New Yorker would not have to leave the city because this “utopia” has everything within it. Some people even compare the glamorous city of New York to the romantic Paris. The flaneur, the noun for “strolling,” refers to a social class who spends their majority of their time wondering the city; incorporating the city into their family life. The idea of a flaneur could definitely be incorporated into the urban setting of New York City.

One positive aspect of New York City is that civilians can commute by walking. Unlike the suburb areas, people have to drive in order to go somewhere; therefore they are unable to wonder their town. As a single man, I have been strolling the city since my high school years. With technological advancements there is a high increase in obesity because people are simply becoming creatures of laziness, who simply sit down and watch television. When you wonder the city, you see different events, things, and objects that are normally taken for granted. In my perspective, the city is my personal playground because wherever you walk, you encounter events that entertainment you.

When I walk the streets of New York City, I would normally go by myself. When I have a companion, I tend to find him or her as a distraction. 

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